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Mr. Sadashiv Dongre, founded Prabhat Transport Service way back in the year 1971 with a vision to provide the best possible customized solutions to clients having quality as their sole aim. Since then Prabhat Transport has strived to remain at the top of the industry implementing the best practices while maintaining their strong ethics. It is because of this solid foundation that Prabhat Roadways now enjoys a strong reputation in the industry for its reliability and technical expertise.

Jyoti Nilesh Dongre


Nilesh Sadashiv Dongre

(Managing Director)


Our Vision

“Redefining Goods Transportation in & Around Mumbai and Pune: Making Traders & Industries comfortable, dignified & Goods Transport-friendly.”

We at Prabhat Roadways

  • Aspire to be a class one organization with professional excellence in all spheres in Goods Transport Industries.
  • Aspire to build a modern Rapid Transit system at par with industry standards.
  • Strive towards transforming the goods transport experience of Mumbai’s Pune`s commuters.

Our Mission

  • To build a reliable, sustainable and energy efficient Transportation network.
  • To earn a distinct name in the Goods Transpiration Market Sector in Maharashtra.
  • To adopt the best quality standards ensuring fast, safe, timely Services and comfortable commuting experience.
  • To be independent on future growth perspectives and strive to become a self-supported organization.
  • To serve all our stakeholders with pride, perfection and dignity to make it easier to do business with us.
  • To sustain ‘We mean business’ culture by being responsive, effective, transparent & courteous.
  • To setup, a business associate’s team of , Young, Reliable & Disciplined, solders not only for business growth but in all the fields of transport such Trucking, Operations, Services after Sales, Warehousing and Warehousing  Management. etc.

Our Values

No employment disparity

Prabhat Roadways shall never discriminate among the applicants for the employment/ Business Associate opportunities on the basis of religion, colour, gender, marital status, caste, race or creed.

No gifts and illegal payments

Prabhat Roadway shall not appreciate any of its employees / B.A. receiving or offering any gift/donations or any other such benefits (through any means) which are wrongly intended to give/get any kind of favour in execution of Business, whatsoever.

Safe working environment

Prabhat Roadways shall provide and maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment for their people involved in the Business.


Prabhat Roadways shall endeavour towards delivering the best quality services, meeting best standards in the Industries as per Customer requirements with the objective of delivering the utmost satisfaction.


Prabhat Roadways shall always work towards enriching the life of people in the society. It shall also take initiatives under Corporate Social Responsibility for making the society greener, safer and better place to live in.


Every employee / B.A. of Prabhat Roadways shall adhere to the legislation, and shall work towards becoming an asset to the organization.

Pride and repute

Prabhat Roadways takes pride in its employees & officials and expects them to bring repute to the organization.

Security and confidentiality of transactions / information

24 x 7 Apart from goods security Prabhat Roadways shall ensure that its employees / B.A. and their families shall not derive any benefit or assist any other person to derive benefit on the account of information accessible to them about the affairs of the organization or of other groups involved.

What we offer

World Class Transport Service, Now In Your City

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